Dane Robert Wilson is a native Californian who grew up in
St. Louis, Missouri. At an early age, Wilson had an opportunity to see that terrain, architecture, and lifestyles vary from place to place. Inspired by the world around him, Wilson focuses on beauty in its simplest forms; be it the moss green of a coastal mountain against a purple-blue cloudy sky, or rocks found along the beach during his walks, and the autumn light as it passes thru the trees. In his formative years Wilson studied fine art which allowed him to hone his skill in becoming a master of color, deftly mixing texture, form, and scale. In 1991, Wilson received his BFA in Interior Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. After graduating, he worked independently designing interiors for restaurants, boutiques, and personal residences. From an upscale bicycle shop to an office space for a start-up computer gaming company to homes in San Diego, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Wilson seeks out projects that vary in scope and keep his artistic eye sharp. Seeking a new challenge, Wilson joined Matthews Studio as a Senior Designer in 1999. At Matthews Studio Wilson fine-tuned his design skills and strengthened his business acumen. Currently, Wilson runs Dane Robert Wilson Interior Design, with the aid of a talented and creative support staff. While Wilson’s primary focus is on residential projects, he is open to all projects that challenge his creativity and design skills. Wilson’s clients are as varied as his project locations from California to New Mexico, and from Missouri to New York and Vermont. Overall, one thing is consistent with Wilson: Each project is a reflection of the client.