California Country Style
 Chronicle Books, By: Diane Dorrans Saeks, 2006
 Weekend Romance:
 Dane Wilson's Cottage in the Russian River Valley

 Trends Magazine
 Volume 20 No. 8
 A San Francisco Penthouse done by Matthews Studio
 Job focus, color, materials, Furniture, some floor design details.

 San Francisco Chronicle
 Diane Dorrans Saeks, September 2, 1998
 A Tale of 2 Apartments
 How San Francisco Designers add splash without cash

 Cafe Adriano A Review, August 1993
 Specialites de la Maison, California
 'The cafe interior, though stylishly modern and spare, manages also to be warm and convivial'

 San Francisco Chronicle
 Datebook, January 31, 1993
 Dining Out, Cafe Adriano, a review by Patricia Unterman
 'The Attractive restaurant has tremendous potential; the stage is brilliantly set. Atmosphere 3 stars.'